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English Hotel Kaiserhof (Berlin)

Hotel Kaiserhof was a luxury hotel in Wilhelmplatz, Berlin, Germany. It opened in October 1875. It was located next to the Reich Chancellery in what was at the time the city's "government quarter".

Berlin's first "grand hotel" it was the creation of the "Berlin Hotel AG" company, founded in 1872 and subsequently renamed "Berliner Hotelgesellschaft". The commission for the building went to the architects Hude & Hennicke. A few days after the opening ceremony in October 1875 the building was destroyed by fire. It reopened in 1876.

The Kaiserhof offered more than 260 rooms which were fitted out in a modern and luxurious manner. It was the first Berlin hotel in which every room had an electricity supply, its own bathroom and its own telephone. The hotel also featured steam heating, pneumatic elevators/lifts. The kitchens used gas cookers. Electric power came from Berlin's second power station, recently built in Mauerstraße by Siemens & Halske.

British PM Benjamin Disraeli stayed here in 1878.

Dr. Ludwig Roselius had a luxury suite in the Hotel and Barbara Goette cared for him for many months until he died there on 15/5/1943.On 22 November 1943 the hotel was badly damaged by British bombers during an air-raid on Berlin. The ruins ended up in East Berlin after the division of the city and were later completely torn down. The present-day Mohrenstraße station on the line of the Berlin U-Bahn was named “Kaiserhof” from its opening in 1908 until 1950. The station underwent several name changes before acquiring its current name in 1991.

In 1974 the North Korean embassy to East Germany was constructed on the site. East Germany ceased to be a state in 1990 and the embassy closed. However, in 2001 its successor state, the Federal Republic of Germany, re-established diplomatic relations with North Korea and the North Korean embassy returned to the building. Since 2004, the annex on the south half of the site has been leased to Cityhostel Berlin, which pays the North Korean government an estimated €38,000 per month.In November 1939, Georg Elser's family was imprisoned in the hotel for interrogation in the objective to find out if they contributed towards the assassination attempt on Hitler's life on November 8th in the Bürgerbräukeller, Munich. Even though they were imprisoned, it was like a holiday to Berlin in the Kaiserhof. However, they were monitored everywhere by the Gestapo

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German Hotel Kaiserhof (Berlin)

Das Hotel Kaiserhof war das erste Luxushotel in Berlin. Es stand am Wilhelmplatz 3–5 schräg gegenüber der Reichskanzlei im damaligen Berliner Regierungsviertel. Das Hotel wurde im Oktober 1875 eröffnet und am 23. November 1943 durch mehrere Bombeneinschläge zerstört.

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Russian Кайзерхоф

Отель «Кайзерхоф» (нем. Hotel Kaiserhof — букв. «Кайзерский двор») — первая берлинская гостиница класса «люкс». Располагалась в старом правительственном квартале напротив рейхсканцелярии по адресу Вильгельмплац, 3/5. Гостиница открылась в октябре 1875 года и была полностью разрушена в результате бомбардировки 23 ноября 1943 года.

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Spanish Hotel Kaiserhof (Berlín)

El Hotel Kaiserhof era un hotel de lujo en Wilhelmplatz, Berlín, Alemania. Se inauguró en octubre de 1875. Estaba ubicado junto a la Cancillería del Reich en lo que en ese momento era el "barrio gubernamental" de la ciudad.

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French Hôtel Kaiserhof

L'hôtel Kaiserhof est un grand hôtel, aujourd'hui disparu du centre de Berlin qui se trouvait sur la Wilhelmplatz, au N°3/5. C'était le premier hôtel de grand luxe de la capitale allemande.

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Japanese ホテル・カイザーホーフ (ベルリン)

ホテル・カイザーホーフ(ドイツ語: Hotel Kaiserhof)は、かつてドイツ、ベルリンに存在した同地初の高級ホテルである。所在地は首相官邸の向かい、ヴィルヘルム広場3-5番地であった。1875年に開業したが、1943年11月23日のベルリン空襲で破壊された。

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