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English Micropia (museum)

Micropia is a museum in Amsterdam based on the idea of distributing information about microbes, which are often associated with illness and disease despite their essential function in the daily functioning of human life. The museum opened on 30 September 2014. It claims to be the first of its kind.The two main focuses for Micropia are: establishing a positive view of microbes and “becoming also an international platform for microbiology that brings diverse interest groups together in order to bridge the gap between science and the general public”. One of the basic premises for the museum is to encourage a more positive relationship between microbes and the general public because they believe that this will encourage more study and research into “micro-nature.”Many of the exhibits in Micropia focus on microbes’ existence in daily life. It consists of both living microbes as well as virtual representations of microbes. The Kiss-O-Meter, for example, measures how many microbes are shared between two people as they kiss.

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German Micropia

Micropia ist eine am 30. September 2014 eröffnete Abteilung des zoologischen Gartens Artis in Amsterdam.

Es ist der weltweit erste Zoo für mikrobiologische Lebewesen. Mit Hilfe eines 3D-Fernglases, das an die Linsen eines Mikroskops gekoppelt wurde und ein scharfes Bild in tausendfacher Vergrößerung ermöglicht, soll gezeigt werden, wie Mikroorganismen leben und sich ernähren. Zusätzlich werden in virtuellen Darstellungen extreme Lebensräume von Mikroben veranschaulicht.

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Russian Micropia

Micropia — первый в мире музей микроорганизмов, расположенный в центре Амстердама (Нидерланды).

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French Micropia

Micropia est un zoo d'Amsterdam spécialisé dans les microbes (bactéries, virus et mycètes). Il se dit le premier au monde dans cette catégorie.

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English Micropia

Museum about microbes.

Address Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
Price 10 and up: € 16.00; Ages 3-9 € 14.00
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