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music faculty of the University of Sydney

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English Sydney Conservatorium of Music

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music (formerly the New South Wales State Conservatorium of Music and known by the moniker, ‘The Con’) is a heritage-listed music school in Macquarie Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious music schools in Australia. Located adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens on the eastern fringe of the Sydney central business district, the Conservatorium is a faculty of the University of Sydney, and incorporates the community-based Conservatorium Open Academy and the Conservatorium High School. In addition to its secondary, undergraduate, post-graduate and community education teaching and learning functions, the Conservatorium undertakes research in various fields of music. The building was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 14 January 2011.

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German Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Das Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Musikkonservatorium Sydney, ehemaliges staatl. Musikkonservatorium in New South Wales, State Conservatorium of Music) ist eine der ältesten Musikhochschulen Australiens und zugleich eine Fakultät der Universität Sydney. Das 1915 gegründete Konservatorium befindet sich neben den Royal Botanic Gardens.

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Spanish Conservatorio de Música de Sídney

El Conservatorio de Música de Sídney[1]​ (en inglés: Sydney Conservatorium of Music) es una de las escuelas de música más antiguas y prestigiosas de Australia. Situada junto a los Reales Jardines Botánicos de Sídney, el Conservatorio incorpora una facultad de la Universidad de Sídney, el Conservatorio Academia Abierta basado en la comunidad y el Conservatorio de la Escuela Secundaria.

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Italian Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Il Sydney Conservatorium of Music (ex New South Wales State Conservatorium of Music o ‘The Con’) è una delle più antiche e prestigiose scuole di musica dell'Australia. Situato di fronte ai Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, il Conservatorio incorpora una facoltà del Università di Sydney, la Conservatorium Open Academy basata sulla comunità e il Conservatorium High School.

Source: Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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