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English San Zulian

The Chiesa di San Giuliano (St Julian), commonly called San Zulian in the Venetian dialect, is a church in Venice. San Zulian is in the parish of San Salvador.

It is situated on the Merceria, the main shopping street of the city. Originally a structure from the 9th century; it underwent a number of reconstructions, including likely after the 1105 fire of the neighborhood. The façade was constructed in 1553-1554 by Jacopo Sansovino, and completed after his death in 1570 by Alessandro Vittoria.

The flattened classical temple façade was paid for by the scholar Tommaso Rangone, whose bronze seated portrait appears above the door. In his hands, the physician Rangone holds sarsaparilla and guaiacum, two plants which he used to treat syphilis and yellow fever. The reliefs also depict a map of the world as was known at his death. As befitting his broad-ranging interests in classic texts, the flanking inscriptions are in Latin (center), Greek (right) and Hebrew (left) text.

The interior was also designed by Sansovino, and the church consecrated in 1580.

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German San Zulian

San Zulian (venezianisch) oder San Giuliano (standarditalienisch) ist eine Renaissance-Kirche in Venedig. Erbaut wurde sie von Jacopo Sansovino, geweiht ist sie dem Arzt und Märtyrer Julian von Emesa. San Zulian liegt am gleichnamigen Campo im Sestiere San Marco in der Nähe des Markusplatzes. Die Gemeinde gehört zur Pfarrei San Salvatore.

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Polish Kościół San Zulian

Kościół San Zulian (nazwa w języku weneckim; wł. chiesa di San Giuliano Martire, pol. kościół św. Juliana) – rzymskokatolicki kościół w Wenecji w dzielnicy (sestiere) San Marco, dedykowany św. Julianowi. Administracyjnie należy do Patriarchatu Wenecji. Jest kościołem rektorskim w parafii Santissimo Salvatore.

Od strony architektonicznej jest jednym z przykładów architektury renesansowej w Wenecji. Z wystroju jego wnętrza wyróżnia się centralny obraz na suficie, Św. Julian w chwale pędzla Palmy młodszego.

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French Église San Zulian

San Giuliano (en vénitien San Zulian) est une église catholique de Venise, en Italie. L'église dépend de la paroisse San Salvador.

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Italian Chiesa di San Zulian

La chiesa di San Zulian (dialetto veneziano per "San Giuliano") è un edificio religioso della città di Venezia, situato nell'omonimo campo del sestiere di San Marco, non lontano dalla piazza omonima.

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Japanese サン・ジュリアーノ教会

サン・ジュリアーノ教会(サン・ジュリアーノきょうかい)は、ベネチアにある教会。現地では「Chiesa di San Zulian」と呼ばれる。また、Chiesa di San Giuliano とも呼ばれる。

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zh 圣儒利安堂

圣儒利安堂(Chiesa di San Giuliano,威尼斯语:San Zulian)是一座罗马天主教教堂,位于意大利威尼斯圣马可区的Merceria购物街。该堂始建于9世纪,曾多次重建。立面建于1553年,由雅各布·桑索维诺设计,古典神庙风格。刻有希伯来、希腊、拉丁三种文字的铭文。内部也是由桑索维诺设计。1580年祝圣。

Source: 圣儒利安堂


English S. Giuliano

Address Campo di San Giuliano, San Marco
fr église San Zulianit chiesa di San Zulianja サン・ジュリアーノ教会pl Kościół San Zulianzh 圣儒利安堂vec Céxa de San Zulian
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