San Giovanni Grisostomo, Venice

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English San Giovanni Grisostomo, Venice

San Giovanni Grisostomo (English: Saint John Chrysostom) is a small church in the sestiere or neighborhood of Cannaregio, Venice.

The church was founded in 1080, destroyed by fire in 1475, then rebuilt starting in 1497 by Mauro Codussi and his son, Domenico. Construction was completed in 1525. The bell tower dates from the late 16th century. The interior is based on a Greek cross design.

Behind the façade are hung two canvasses, formerly organ doors, by Giovanni Mansueti depicting Saints Onuphrius, Agatha, Andrew and John Chrysostom. Onuphrius was the co-titular patron saint who was revered by the confraternity of the Tentori (dyers of fabrics, covers, and sheets). In 1516, a relic of the saint, his finger, was donated to this church.

The chapel on the right has the painting Saints Christopher, Jerome and Louis of Toulouse (1513) by Giovanni Bellini. On the left rear, the chapel of the Rosary or Madonna della Grazie has an altarpiece of Saints John Chrysostom, John the Baptist, John the Evangelist, Theodore, Mary Magdalene, Lucy and Catherine by Sebastiano del Piombo, commissioned by Caterina Contarini. On the wall of the apse are a series of canvases on the life of Saint John Chrysostom and Christ. On the high altar is a relief of the Deposition from the Cross. To the left is the chapel built for Giacomo Bernabò, with sculptural design by Codussi. The marble altarpiece of the Coronation of the Virgin (1500–1502) was completed by Tullio Lombardo.

Ceiling: God the Father, fresco by Giuseppe Diamantini.

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German San Giovanni Crisostomo (Venedig)

San Giovanni Grisostomo ist eine Kirche in Venedigs Sestiere Cannaregio. In ihrer unmittelbaren Nähe befindet sich das ursprünglich nach der Kirche benannte Teatro Malibran.

Geweiht ist die Kirche dem oströmischen Kirchenlehrer und Bischof von Konstantinopel Johannes Chrysostomos.

Source: San Giovanni Crisostomo (Venedig)

Polish Kościół San Giovanni Crisostomo w Wenecji

Kościół San Giovanni Crisostomo (kościół św. Jana Złotoustego) – rzymskokatolicki kościół w Wenecji w dzielnicy (sestiere) Cannaregio, dedykowany św. Janowi Złotoustemu. Administracyjnie należy do Patriarchatu Wenecji. Jest kościołem filialnym w parafii San Canciano Martire.

Jest ostatnim dziełem Maura Codussiego w Wenecji, ukończonym po jego śmierci przez syna, Domenica. Z wystroju wnętrza wyróżnia się obraz ołtarzowy Święci Krzysztof, Hieronim i Ludwik pędzla Giovanniego Belliniego.

Source: Kościół San Giovanni Crisostomo w Wenecji

Russian Сан-Джованни-Кризостомо

Сан-Джова́нни-Кризо́стомо (итал. San Giovanni Grisostomo) — небольшая католическая церковь в Венеции в районе Каннареджо, построенная в XVI веке в стиле раннего Возрождения. В церкви находятся немногочисленные произведения искусств, в том числе работы Джованни Беллини, Себастьяно дель Пьомбо и других.

Source: Сан-Джованни-Кризостомо

Spanish Iglesia de San Juan Crisóstomo (Venecia)

La iglesia de san Juan Crisóstomo (san Giovanni Crisostomo en italiano) es un templo de culto católico situado en el barrio (sestiere) de Cannaregio, en la ciudad de Venecia (Véneto, Italia).

Source: Iglesia de San Juan Crisóstomo (Venecia)

French Église San Giovanni Grisostomo

L’église de San Giovanni Grisostomo (en français, église Saint-Jean-Chrysostome ) est une église catholique de Venise, en Italie.

Source: Église San Giovanni Grisostomo

Italian Chiesa di San Giovanni Grisostomo

San Giovanni Crisostomo (Grisostomo) è una chiesa di Venezia, situata nel sestiere di Cannaregio, lungo la calle che collega la Strada Nova con Campo San Bortolomio.

Source: Chiesa di San Giovanni Grisostomo

zh 圣金口若望堂 (威尼斯)

圣金口若望堂 (Chiesa di San Giovanni Grisostomo) 是一座小型教堂,供奉圣金口若望,位于意大利威尼斯的卡纳雷吉欧区。


天花板壁画是Giuseppe Diamantini的天父。

Source: 圣金口若望堂 (威尼斯)


English S. Giovanni Crisostomo

Address Campo San Giovanni Crisostomo, Cannaregio

Places located in San Giovanni Grisostomo, Venice

Teatro Malibran

The Teatro Malibran, known over its lifetime by a variety of names, beginning with the Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo (or Crisostomo) after the nearby church, is an opera house in Venice which was inaugurated in 1678 with a production of the premiere of Carlo Pallavicino's opera Vespasiano. By 1683, it had quickly become known as "the biggest, most beautiful and richest theatre in the city" and its operatic importance throughout the 17th and 18th centuries led to an even grander description by 1730:

A true kingdom of marvels....that with the vastness of its magnificent dimension can be rightly compared to the splendours of ancient Rome and that with the grandeur of its more than regal dramatic performances has now conquered the applause and esteem of the whole world.Richly decorated, the theatre consisted of five levels of thirty boxes and a large stalls area. However, as an opera house, its success was short-lived and from 1751 to 1800, opera was rarely performed there. Taken over by the municipality in 1797, it became the Teatro Civico until purchased by a partnership and restored in 1819. It re-opened again, this time in private hands, with Rossini's La gazza ladra. But deterioration continued, the partnership broke up, and the remaining partner, Giovanni Gallo, continued with additional refurbishment, giving it the new name of the Teatro Emeronitto (Theatre of Day and Night) and inaugurating it in December 1834 with Donizetti's L'elisir d'amore.When the famous soprano Maria Malibran came to sing Vincenzo Bellini's La sonnambula on 8 April 1835, she was clearly appalled at the condition of the theatre since Lynn reports that "she refused her fee, telling the impresario to 'use it for the theatre' " At that point the opera house became the Teatro Malibran in the singer's honour and it is the name by which the theatre has been known ever since.

ca església de Sant Joan Crisòstomde San Giovanni Crisostomoes iglesia de San Juan Crisóstomofa سن جیووانی کریسوستوموfr église San Giovanni Grisostomoit chiesa di San Giovanni Grisostomonl Kerk San Giovanni Grisostomopl Kościół San Giovanni Crisostomo w Wenecjiru Сан-Джованни Кризостомоzh 圣金口若望堂
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